B-Wap Process

Shares Details:
Payment Bank Details:

* I/We hereby confirm and agree that my bank particulars are true and correct and I/ We confirm that I/ We are making the payment towards my/our Application through my/ our bank account only and not using any third-party bank account for making such payment and not violating the Third Party Investment regulations.

* Third Party investments are not permissible on this platform as per SEBI regulations and is liable for rejection. I/We hereby read and agree the third-party investment regulations.

* I/We have read the Letter of Offer along with the Addendum to the Letter of Offer and Entitlement Letter with regard to application and refund process under the Rights Issue and hereby confirm my acceptance for Terms & Conditions of this platform.

* In case of any refund, I agree to get the refund amount directly to my Demat Linked Bank Account.