Who we are

Who we are

We achieved a Hat Trick!!!


Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd. remains at the forefront of share transfer registry work in India from early nineties. We have the distinction of growing with the Indian capital markets through its various phases and today we have evolved into a strong service-oriented company with sound technology platform and robust infrastructure. We service lakhs of investors who participate in capital market activities and our reliability and conformance to regulations makes us safe and efficient to deal with.

The number of new issues we handle keeps growing. Prime Database, the industry bible, in their last announcement of industry rankings, ranked Bigshare the No.1 in ranking of Registrars by number of assignments in 2018-19. This follows similar ranking by Prime Database in 2016-17 and 2017-18 as well.

We achieved a Hat Trick!!!

We have handled various initial public offers, rights issues, buybacks and follow on offers. Over the years, we have built a reputation for timely and efficient processing, prompt handling of investor requests and strict compliance to regulatory requirements.

We handle the important responsibility of shareholder servicing and compliance requirements. When we started the company, there were already close to 200 players in the Indian capital market, offering the same service and differentiation was a challenge. We turned this into a path-breaking business in 1996-97, when Bigshare chose to be the earliest to provide services related to dematerialization of shares. The faith of the Indian capital market participants, to adopt this epoch and path-breaking technology, helped us grow by leaps and bounds in the years thereafter.

Being a first generation entrepreneur-led company, BSPL faced initial challenges like working capital, trained manpower and lack of entrepreneurial experience. From then to now, we have come a long way and remain focussed on our core competencies. We stay away from related fund-based activities.

Our Core Competencies are centred around:

  • Data management
  • Customer service
  • Records management

In line with our entreprenal tradition and growth objectives, we are constantly engaged in evaluating opportunities to leverage these competencies. As such expansion programs to move into other areas within financial services domain are on the anvil. We are also considering various new areas thrown open by the Indian economy gaining momentum.

Today, BSPL is reputed in the industry for being focussed on shareholder servicing and compliance requirements steadfastly. We knew from our inception in 1994, the importance of personalized services coupled with adoption of innovative technologies. Though a start-up even until 1996, we invested considerably by borrowings from banks, to have dematerialization facility. We adopted the latest Microsoft technologies for servicing by middle of 2000, though our contemporaries - including large and established players still used Foxpro and Cobol then.

At BSPL, we deeply respect the idiom "If only your customer is happy and doing well, will you do well". We make efforts to help the customer in whatever way is possible. In the service industry like ours, it is not sufficient to deliver only good service – but rather also become a trusted consultant/advisor. We strive to be in a position to guide the customer if asked to.


BSPL has a culture of commitment and learning. This has been our hallmark for all employees - whatever position they may hold. In fact Bigshare alumni serve in various positions in the industry.

In the current economic environment where the government is encouraging various initiatives under Make in India, Bigshare Services has been proud to create its own internal software platform, to run the capital markets service offering. This ensures we are quick to adapt the ever changing regulations, with the speed that none of our contemporaries can match. Apart from this, this ensures we provide opportunities to our employees, unique opportunities for innovation and system design.

One of the key factors for our strong track record in the domain
of our operation is that we stand strongly to uphold the regulatory environment that we operate in

Despite the ups and downs that the Indian capital markets have witnessed in the last three decades, we are amongst a handful of financial services intermediary, who have a blemishless record of not violating the stiff penal provisions. This not only ensures safety of capital of our customers, but also provides confidence to the regulators that they are creating the right frameworks.

Stakeholder welfare has been the cornerstone of our organisational value system. Not only our customers and shareholders, but also our employees and suppliers have been serviced by us continuously without recourse to any undesirable measures. We therefore enjoy long relationships with all of these stakeholders and they form a large part of the strength that we have gained in 26 years.

Strategic alliances and investments are our natural next stop, having established a strong track record in the past 26 years. We feel we can establish complementarity with bigger global players who have objectives to gain foothold in the Indian market.



To be the most passionately referred agency in the financial services industry



To become the most trusted Registrar and Transfer Agent in India, with a commitment to work for total satisfaction of all the stakeholders by providing top-quality services

  • Board of Directors
  • Management Team

Mr. NVK Mohan

Managing Director and CEO

Mr. N. B. Prasad


Ms. Lori Livingston


Mr. NVK Mohan

Managing Director and CEO

Mr. S Arunraj

Senior Vice President

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our brand


The brand name Bigshare, is an amalgam of "Big" and "Share".

Big denotes our journey towards a grand future by pursuing unlimited opportunities in financial services industry.

Share stands for a shared vision of prosperity with all our stake-holders, providing them security through our ethical conduct and professionalism.

The Bigshare logo amply captures multiple attributes of our culture and mission. The immense opportunities that lie in the future are represented by the arrow which projects into the sky. This indicates our unlimited vision – limited only by vision. The smooth edges of the logo amply dovetail shared vision and prosperity for the future in a serene environment.

The logo is formed by red and blue formations evolving into a contiguous elliptical shape. Red shows the power and high energy inherent in the brand and Blue depicts the sense of security we provide to our stake-holders combined with loyalty and professionalism.


Bigshare is a vibrant brand pursuing immense opportunities of the future, backed with a secure and professional treatment of all our stake-holders. Our brand name and logo vividly capture our Vision –

to be the most passionately referred Agency in
Financial Services industry